note3 lte升級4.4.2之後的耗電量及問題點


note3 lte升級4.4.2之後的耗電量及問題點 



而待機的耗電量也相當不錯 , 可見4.4.2的效率是有進步的..



例如一些第三方app如果資料是存在sd卡有可能會讀不到 , 或是無法存檔..



像是papago , 我的圖資是存在記憶卡中 , 但是現在程式無法開啟了 , 就算把記憶卡中的圖資砍掉想要重新下載也沒辦法 , 會說找不到sd卡..@@


導航王因為圖資本來就預設在手機中 , 所以使用上就沒問題..


我又試了直讀中文 , 我的小說都是放在記憶卡中 , 可以正常讀取沒問題..


所以可見….是有問題 , 但是又不是全部的軟體都不行 , 可能是跟某些app有相衝


內建相機將相片與影片存在記憶卡是完全沒問題的 , 所以對我來說影響也並不是那麼大 , 有影響到的軟體就只好等修正了..


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  1. Mine having issues – annoying issues – after the 4.4 KikKat. As far as I know I am not the only one.
    1. Screen do not awake from standby when flip open the S-View cover or pressing home/power button. LED lits and the two Menu/Back button backlight lits also but just refuse to turn on the screen. It takes some time (about 30 sec or more) to wake up.
    2. Clock widget does not update in lock screen when awake from standby. Discrepancy between time shows in notification bar.
    3. After 1 and/or 2 – touch screen seems to slow in response. Notification bar turn black for a while and no response when touch to key in PIN or swipe to open the notification list.
    4. On occasions when have incoming call, screen doesn’t turn on and can’t accept or reject call or view caller’s number.
    Have all above since KitKat update


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